Wet Benches with Automatic Transfer

Rotary transfer Automatic Transfer (AT) systems offer low cost automation for a wide range of substrates.  Compact footprint Automatic Transfer systems are often configured in single bay or dual bay (as shown here) allowing independent immersion processing and rinsing of wafers in cassettes.  Robust actuators are matched to the payload requirements up to 50 kg. Exclusive SPEC AT design isolates transfer hardware from the process area eliminating the typical corrosion damage from common “below the deck” mechanisms.  Service access becomes convenient via ergonomically located clear, interlocked side access panels.  Independent wet plenums and dedicated exhaust provide additional security.    


Dual bay as shown above is 108” x 60” 

Cassettes are angled to reduce drag-out on interchangeable fluoropolymer end effectors.  End effectors are engineered to match high and low profile cassettes in all sizes. This single bay system features two chemical process positions plus a front quick dump rinser.  The center station has an automatic cover when cassettes are moved from the rear station to the QDR. AT systems can be specified for multiple wafer diameters as well.  The touchscreen interface handles recipe creation, storage and recall as well as automatic chemical blending from on-board or remote chemical storage.  Factory host interface via SECS/GEM is available. 

All stainless steel AT systems are suitable for solvent processes and are fitted with fire safety systems as appropriate. In-line AT systems are used for high volume production applications with unlimited tool lengths.  SPEC also offers the SC3®, a full RCA clean tool within the compact AT footprint.  Ask for details.

Footprints for single bay AT start at 32” x 60” 


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