Wet Benches for Solvent Processes

SPEC Photo Resist Strip and Cleaning SystemsPhotoresist strip , metal lift-off, and solvent cleaning of batches of 50 semiconductor wafers is accomplished in this hybrid-structure Automatic Linear Transfer system.  FM-4910 listed and rated plastics deliver chemical resistance to aqueous chemistry while stainless steel is used for solvents. Modular design allows structure materials to be selected to match end user locations and processes.  A self-contained mini-environment is created within the structure using ULPA fan filter units making systems suitable for ballroom or bulkhead installations.  Drawers allow operators to load and unload cassettes securely; automatic batch size and wafer diameter detection is featured.

SPEC Photoresist strip and cleaningIntuitive software allows users to program recipes with the desired sequences via touchscreen. Processes include NOE, EKC, EA (ethanolamine), NMP (m-methyl pyrrolidone), IPA for strip, metal lift-off, ash removal and others. When needed, ultrasonic or megasonic power is employed to assure excellent results. Chemical lifespan is maximized and consumption minimized via Auto Recycle Transfer combined with exclusive exhaust emission reduction technology.  Linear robots transfer cassettes through forward and reverse processing; cassette-less systems for these solvent processes are also available. A full range of dryers are available from SPEC including IPA vapor, surface tension gradient (Marangoni effect) and traditional rotary spin style.

  • Footprint ranges start at 72” X 96” as shown 76” X 228”

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