Vertical Furnace Quartzware Cleaning

SPEC Quartzware Cleaning

Footprint as shown 72” X 66”

LoaderVertical Furnace Quartzware Cleaners are designed for the specialized needs of vertical diffusion furnace tubes. Powerful sprays are directed upward ensuring complete coverage of tube interiors.  Connections for etching and rinsing solutions are provided for gas inlets and outlets. Outside etching of tubes is delivered from precision overhead nozzles when selected within the recipe.  Universal fixturing handles tube diameters from 8” to 36” making them suitable for 450mm furnaces as well as epitaxial reactor jars. Immersion stations are easily accessed by swinging up the central stage.  Wafer elevators or boats are effectively cleaned from depositions including polysilicon and POCl3.  Standard tube length capacity is 72 inches.  Dual doors are standard on SPEC VFQC’s making loading easy.

Single, dual and triple acid systems allow users to tailor the process to match fab needs. Recirculating acids strip the most difficult depositions while filtration aids to extend solution life yielding superior cleaning and cost effective operation.   For example, users can create recipes that send concentrated HF/Nitric mixtures to the tube interior, then a dilute HF etch is applied to the exterior.  PVDF and PFA piping systems assure purity as well as long life to the tool.   Dedicated final rinse piping is employed for parts as well as the process chamber interior rinse.  Dual selectable drain valves are standard allowing effluent to be programmed for direction to the appropriate reclaim or treatment facilities.  Third-party SEMI S2 and S8 risk assessments as well as CE certifications are available.

Bell Jar Cleaner ProcessSPEC Tube Loaders are compatible with Vertical Furnace Quartzware Cleaners.  VFQC’s include a standard docking bay in front allowing the tube loader to extend beneath. Loaders have electric drives for both vertical lift and rotational horizontal indexing.  Click here for more details. 

Chemical Storage and Delivery Systems can be supplied and integrated allowing full automatic blending within the on-board reservoirs.