Quartzware Cleaning System 

Classic Quartzware Cleaners for horizontal diffusion furnace tubes, liners as well as assorted items are once again available from SPEC. 

Incorporating over 30 years of experience these vertical tube towers include a host of proven design details. 

Dual doors with integrated drain returns keep aisles clear and dry.

Automated spray head is counterweighted and fitted with large diameter rollers for smooth adjustment when loading tubes. 

Rotating carousel includes adjustable fixturing for paddles, boats, sheaths, cantilevers, injectors and accessories. 

Self-priming seal-less centrifugal pumps provide high flows for superior cleaning and long life in this demanding application. 

These full automatic tools feature interchangeable fixturing that securely positions quartz and silicon carbide items for spray coverage from selectable nozzle arrays. 

Standard tube length capacity is 96 inches with options up to 120 inches long.  Systems to handle tube diameters from 6” to 18” are available making them suitable for 450mm furnaces.

Industry standard 2-acid, 4-rinse cycle assure matchless cleaning in every fab. 

Recirculating workhorse acid strips the most difficult depositions while a polish etch is performed with a quick flow of fresh acid.   Typical recipes send concentrated HF/Nitric mixtures to the tube interior, then a dilute HF etch is applied to the exterior and interior. 

Users create recipes via touchscreen to meet their specific process requirements.  

PVDF and PFA piping assure purity as well as long life to the tool.  

Filtration for the recirculated acid is optional. 

Dedicated final rinse piping is employed for parts as well as the process chamber interior rinse. 

Dual selectable drain valves are standard allowing effluent to be programmed for direction to the appropriate reclaim or treatment facilities. 

Third-party SEMI S2 and S8 risk assessments as well as CE certifications are available.

Chemical storage and delivery systems from SPEC can be supplied and integrated allowing full automatic blending within the on-board reservoirs. 
Footprint as shown 72” X 48”

These cleaners also include provisions to interface with an available tube loader featuring motor driven adjustments.