Polysilicon Sample Cleaning

SPEC Polysilicon Sample Cleaners












Footprint is 52"x48"

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SPEC Analysis and characterization of polysilicon samplesAnalysis and characterization of polysilicon samples is critical to quality control when producing wafers for PV, MEMS or device applications.  This tool effectively reveals grain structure as well as removes native oxide and surface metals using automatically blended acids. 

Everything is accomplished in an all PVDF chamber with integrated heating and cooling to stabilize exothermic reactions.  Continuous recirculation and filtration optimizes solution lifetime while minimizing effluent.



Easy access baskets are provided with fixturing inserts customized to match end user bricks, ingots or chunks. 

Robust transfer system transfers the full 15-kilogram load in less than 5 seconds assuring a rapid quench.

Recipe parameters allow sequential quick dumps as well as adjustable overflow rinsing.

Illuminated process chamber features full visibility through clear PVC windows, and is interlocked for operator protection. 

Balanced exhaust design removes fumes effectively while limiting the overall demand on room make-up air.  Chemical blending is fully programmable including interval and lot-based spiking.

Touchscreen operator interface makes operation a snap, yet shows critical parameters and logged data as demanded by process engineers.  Sensors monitor key facilities to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Production Polysilicon Feedstock Cleaning systems are also available.