Panel Plating Equipment

  • Panel plating equipment for large format substrates including fan out panels (FOPLP), PWB, embedded die and others is highly automated. 
  • It is compatible with automatic feed from factory automation or manual load to its internal conveyor. 
  • Panels from 200um to 2000um thick are transferred horizontally into frames with precision electrical contacts. 
  • The frame automatically closes, rotates and indexes for vertical processing through the entire tool including vertical panel dryer after plating and before unload. 
  • System also includes integrated frame tracking and cleaning.  Frames are designed to match panel configurations and plating processes. 
  • Standard 510mm X 515mm panel is shown here during transfer to dryer.
  • Standard configurations include multiple plating stations for copper, gold, and nickel to match the sequence of layers needed on the end product. 
  • SPEC high efficiency combination rinse stations include overflow, quick dump and spray modes to remove residues. 
  • Drag-out stations are provided after metal plating and can include resin-based gold recovery.
  • Recipes are fully programmable for process variables including plating power, temperature, and pump flow rates. 
  • Users can specify exclusive SPEC servo-driven panel agitation as well as typical air agitation. 
  • On-board chemical monitoring is standard as is an interface to an external ECI analyzer. 
  • Sample dispensing stations for every chemical are optional. 
  • High purity fluoropolymer piping system features variable flow pumps, filtration and remote heaters. 
  • Surface prep and plating solutions are blended on-board when supplied by available bulk delivery systems. 
  • Auto dosing is provided via measuring columns and precision pumps fed by on-board reservoirs and bottles. 
  • Cleanroom compatible hardware is available for dissolving and dispensing Cu oxide and other powders. 
  • Bath maintenance dosing is triggered by amp/hour calculations, panel throughput, pH reading as well as feedback from analyzers.

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