Niobium Cavity Preparation Systems

SPEC Niobium Cavity Preparation Equipment


SPEC Niobium Cavity High Pressure Rinse

Advanced particle research demands SRF niobium cavities with internal surfaces that are contamination free to achieve high efficiency results.  Buffered Chemical Polishing removes welding and manufacturing residues with mixtures of HF, Nitric and Phosphoric acids.  These reagents are blended by matching chemical storage and delivery systems.   



High pressure rinsing with ultrapure deionized is a repeating activity that is routinely performed in SPEC HPR systems fitted with advanced, reliable pumps.  Cavities are rotated while the servo controlled spray wand follows precise vertical motion profiles.

High Pressure Rinse Installation at ORNL (pdf)

SPEC Niobium Cavity Electro-Polishing


Electro-polishing to micro-smooth the internal surface employs digitally controlled high current DC applied while the horizontal cavity is partially filled with a sulfuric acid based solution.  This highly automated tool securely indexes the cavity from vertical to horizontal as well as safely inserts the cathode. During EP processing the electrically charged cavity rotates while being sprayed with temperature controlled DI water.

Buffered Chemical Polishing Information (pdf)


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