Medical Device Electroplating Systems

SPEC Medical Device Electroplating Systems

  • Footprint as shown is 60” X 92”

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Medical Device Electroplating system deposits precise layers to match FDA certification.  High volume continuous production is delivered by this second generation tool. 

Twin linear robots operate simultaneously and independently allowing necessary products to be plated as needed to match the factory demand. 

Finished parts undergo rigorous 100% SPEC Medical Device platingtesting before shipment to assure patient trust.  Validation logging of tool operational functions and recipe parameters are featured.

This system is ergonomically designed to allow operators to handle substrates safely and includes adjustable touch-screens. 

Once the robotics have fully parked and rotated to the horizontal Load/Unload position, the automatic interlocked vertical doors open to provide access to the process center. 

Advanced electronics and digital power supplies are coordinated by exclusive software to trace each recipe’s plating parameters including pulse and periodic reverse waveforms. 

Chemical consistency is assured with on-board chemical management eliminating the need for users to hand pour chemistry into plating stations.  Spent solutions are reclaimed for recycling to reduce the cost of ownership and environmental impact.

SPEC medical device manufacturing tools for surface preparation are available to electropolish, etch, clean, precision rinse and dry, deposit thin films via CVD, as well as perform immersion testing.  Manual units for laboratory and pilot line applications are also available.