Manual Wet benches for Chemical processing of Silicon Wafers

  • Manual wet process stations from SPEC are value engineered to match specific end user needs. 
  • Configurations include pre-diffusion cleaning, photoresist strip, develop, etching and other surface preparation steps. 
  • Recipes guide operators through manual sequences accessed via the ergonomic touchscreen. Temperature controlled solutions can be automatically blended from bulk chemical delivery systems or manually poured. 
  • Process stations are sized to hold 1 or 2 cassettes of wafers, and can be fitted with agitation as needed. 
  • Ultrasonic and megasonic options are also offered.
  • Vertical sliding safety shield is counter-balanced. 
  • For aqueous processes these tools are available in Factory Mutual listed FM4910 plastics to reduce risks and meet insurance criteria. 
  • For solvent strips and cleans stainless steel structures are offered with optional fire safety systems
  • Footprints range from 48” x 72”