High Volume Polysilicon Feedstock Cleaners

SPEC polysilicon Chunk Cleaning SystemPolysilicon Feedstock Cleaning system cleans, etches, rinses and dries silicon chunks, chips, slabs and tips in a fully automatic process. 

Process system includes automatic chemical management with efficient fines removal and final filtration to extend solution life plus precise temperature control. 

Cleaning removes organic contamination including oils and grease using dilute acids, followed by metal and silicon etches resulting in pristine surface conditions.

Footprints start at 78” X 300”, as shown 78” X 334”

Polysilicon feedstock cleaning systems feature dedicated process stations for each step of the preparation process providing a full dry-to-dry automatic operation capable of handling from 250 to 1,000 metric tons per year. 

Dual processing baskets hold 10 to 15kg each with interchangeable inserts for rods or ampoules. 

Typical throughput is a 20kg lot in less than 10 minutes. 

Transport carts are included that hold up to four baskets and may be segregated for incoming and outgoing feedstock. 

SPEC Polysilicon Feedstock CleanersOperators stage a cart with baskets in the Load position and an empty cart at Unload.  Baskets are sensed and the cart is locked into place. 

Recipes as pre-programmed by the engineers are selected for each lot as appropriate. 

Dual linear robots featuring robust passive end-effectors move the product through the entire process. 

Upon recipe completion, four baskets of the cleaned and dried product are staged on the cart at Unload, ready for immediate use or packaging. 

Rapid and complete drying is key to high production and is accomplished in SPEC’s Partial Vacuum Dryer. 

This exclusive (patent pending) unit reduces the atmospheric pressure of HEPA filtered heated air flowing over the feedstock to yield dry polysilicon in a fraction of the time, space and cost consumed by common vacuum ovens. 

All required support equipment including the ultrapure air and DI water heaters is specified and supplied by SPEC.  All chemical stations include recirculation and filtration as well as fully automatic solution management. 

Chemical storage and delivery systems are available. Laboratory sample polysilicon cleaners are also available.


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