Ergonomic Furnace Tube Loader

Quartz tube Loader

Quartz and silicon carbide tubes are fragile and heavy.  Loading them into a wet cleaning system for etching and rinsing used to be awkward…now it’s easy.  SPEC Furnace Tube Loaders or tube transport carts securely retain tubes for today’s largest furnaces.  

The exclusive cradle and crown system holds the tubes without rubber grips or spring loaded compression.  Tubes are placed on the horizontal cradle and locked.  Users select the lifting crown that matches the tube diameter and exterior profile and slip it onto the tube. 

Crowns cover inlet and outlet fittings protecting them from impact.  Once the crown is latched, the tube is secure. 

Swiveling clean-room casters allow the cart to transport the tube in any direction. 
When the destination is reached the tube is smoothly rotated to the vertical position at the push of aLoaders are compatible with SPEC Classic Tube Cleaners and Vertical Furnace Quartzware Cleaners.  Both include a standard docking bay in front allowing the loader to extend underneath. button

 The weight of the tube is now supported by the crown; the electric vertical drive adjusts the height for easy positioning inside the cleaning system. Once inside, the crown indexes to the receiver in the cleaning chamber.  The cleaning head is automatically lowered, and the cleaning process can begin..