Electrolytic Wafer Plating Systems

Simultaneous electrolytic plating of multiple semiconductor wafers or other substrates yields high throughput.

Cassettes are staged vertically in tilters for automatic presentation to a single wafer robot. Individual wafers are securely transferred from cassettes into specifically engineered fixtures. 

Electrical contact is carefully made to each wafer within the robust fluoropolymer fixtures. 

After indexing the fixtures with wafers back to vertical, linear transfer robots move groups of fixtures according to user programmed recipes. 

Process stations with recirculation, filtration and exact temperature control are configured to clean and prepare surfaces for plating. 


  • Footprint as shown is 86” X 360”
  • Multiple layers of metals including copper, tin, silver, gold or nickel are deposited uniformly to meet end user specifications. 
  • A wide range of current, bias and polarity settings are available including high speed pulse and periodic reverse waveforms via recipe control from the HMI. 
  • “Hot entry” processes as well as customized anode shielding and bias rings are offered. 
  • Exclusive laminar flow fluid dynamics are driven by variable flow pulseless pumps. 
  • Solution management is fully automated with integrated or remote chemical delivery for make-up as well as dosing based on ampere hours or closed-loop analysis. 
  • The dry-to-dry tool can be fitted with a range of dryers including surface tension gradient (Marangoni-effect), IPA vapor, hot DI slow pull or heated vacuum systems.
  • Electrolytic plating systems also available for panels, PWB, and other substrates.


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SPEC Simultaneous electrolytic plating of multiple semiconductor wafers