Electroless Gold Plating Systems

SPEC Electroless Gold Plating

  • Footprint as shown is 78” X 316”

Full integration of plating bath management typically includes on-board and remote chemical delivery.  Available analyzers verify solutions compliance with user specifications and trigger adjustments via dosing as needed.   Systems are available in high volume production configurations and other precious metal plating including NiPd from 100mm through 300mm.

Electroless Gold plating equipment for semiconductor wafers is highly automated in the Suffix® system by SPEC.  Applications include under-bump metallization on memory devices as well as other high reliability components. 

E-less gold is typically deposited on aluminum pads, so this system includes a full set of pre-treatment steps to assure adhesion.  Processing begins with cleaning for organics, followed by micro-etch and pre-dip.  High efficiency quick dump rinsers (QDR) are provided between each station throughout the tool.   SPEC Multiple Cassettes

Double zincation with a leveling etch between completes the preparation for a base of nickel and e-less gold deposition.  Programmable agitation is combined with exclusive laminar flow fluid dynamics to provide excellent uniformity wafer-to-wafer and lot-to-lot.