Electroless Nickel, Electroless Palladium, Immersion Gold Systems

SPEC Electroless Nickel, Electroless Palladium, Immersion Gold or ENEPIG

Electroless Nickel, Electroless Palladium, Immersion Gold or ENEPIG is a universal series of depositions that has been proven to provide superior wire bond adhesion even under the most rigorous conditions. 

High temperature applications, including those with vibration will benefit from ENEPIG plating. Suffix™ plating systems from SPEC provide end users with consistency of ENEPIG deposition plus these tools feature long-term reliability. 

Built on over 30 years of semiconductor wet process equipment experience, these high-speed tools utilize exclusive plating control via precision flow dynamics management. 

ENEPIG Information (PDF)

  • Footprint as shown is 82” X 374”

All process vessels are engineered to match the requirements of the end users specific application. 

Process vessel materials as well internal volumes are carefully selected to combine productivity with efficient cost-of-ownership. 

They can be sized to hold two standard 25-slot cassettes for 200mm or 150mm wafers.  Or if appropriate, a combination of 200mm and 300mm wafers can be accommodated.

For 300mm applications, wafer handling via SEMI  Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUPs) is standard. 

Dual ports allow operators to easily and securely load and unload the tool for completely automatic plating. 

Full factory integration is achieved via an optional SECS/GEM software interface package.


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SPEC Single Wafer Transfer System


Full dry-to dry processing is achieved with SPEC’s exclusive IPA vapor dryer.  Or if appropriate, a surface tension gradient dryer, (Marangoni-effect) can be installed.

This tool is designed to guard your staff’s health and the fab’s safety; it can be subjected to a complete SEMI S-2 risk assessment safety inspection upon request. 

When appropriate, CE compliance is included with redundant interlocks and listed components throughout.

All system functions are fully coordinated with SPEC’s proprietary control system architecture featuring an intelligent recipe builder that guides the engineer.

Solution chemistry for ENEPIG is automatically maintained for optimal results. 

Automatic spiking can be programmed on a per lot basis, bath life or upon input from optional analyzers. 



SPEC IPA vapor dryer