Chemical Storage and Delivery Systems

Plating Chemical Storage and Delivery system


Chemical Delivery and Storage (CDS) systems add efficiency and safety to wet process production installations.  SPEC’s CDS units provide bulk chemical supply to wafer processing tools, plating systems, etching systems, quartzware cleaners and other automatic tools. 

Operators no longer need to carry bottles or manually pour into sinks reducing their risks of exposure or injury from ergonomic stress.

Controls feature a touch-screen interface showing liquid levels within the containers.  Bar code readers to scan container contents, date codes or lot numbers are available.  

When teamed with a SPEC process tool, automatic or on-demand replenishment allows refilling and blending of process stations or reservoirs at the push of a button reducing lost production time. 

CDS units are sized to meet the need, holding containers from 20 liter carboys up to 1000 liter (256 gallon) totes. 

Double-sealing disconnects are standard, matched to fab protocol and specifications.  CDS for 55 gallon drums include chemical resistant rollers in the base reducing technician effort during drum changes.  Each CDS features 110% containment for the largest container with integrated monitoring. 

All fluoropolymer piping includes air operated pumps suitable for the volume and distance required to satisfy the end use. 

Engineered for installations inside cleanrooms or support area in sub-fabs, these robust units meet SEMI and NFPA standards.  FM-4910 listed materials of construction are offered as needed.

Chemical Delivery system two drumChemical Delivery and Storage system chemical cabinet 1000 liter tote

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