300mm Cassette-Less Wafer Processing

SPEC 300mm Cassette-less Wafer Processing

Footprint ranges start at 72” X 96” as shown 78” X 230"

As shown this unit provides the final wet process and dry for a major wafer re-claimer.  Following physical removal of the as received surface, wafers require final cleaning, particle removal and pristine drying while respecting a tight edge-exclusion. 

Surface tension gradient (Marangoni-effect) drying is available. Internal ULPA filtration with automatic airflow adjustment is combined with zoned-airflow to protect wafers.

Modular design system is available in a range of materials to match end-user process and facilities needs.   The combination of materials included mirror-finish stainless steel, FM-4910 certified PVC and ECTFE modules to fit both the budget and chemical compatibility requirements.  SPEC’s exclusive design utilizes fully encapsulated steel frames with modular electrical and piping. 

These elements allow separation for delivery to global locations while nearly all of the hardware remains connected.  Rapid reassembly and re-start is assured, speeding qualification and ramp of production. 

  • Processing wafers without cassettes allows optimum fluid flow to all portions of their surface.
  • Megasonic cleaning energy via acoustic streaming is not shadowed in cassette-less systems.
  • Wafers are automatically removed from FOUP's or transport cassettes, then transferred in lots by linerar robotics for etching, stripping or cleaning.
  • Combs with minimal contact points are fitted within each station to securely hold the wafers.
  • Complete rinsing between steps is assured when they are fully exposed.
  • SPEC’s unique tool architecture provides ultra clean surface preparation to meet the tightest specifications.
  • Cassette-less wafers receive full exposure to cleaning solutions and megasonic energy without shielding from cassettes.
  • Process stations are fitted with reduced edge-exclusion combs to hold wafers securely.
  • Linear robots with exclusive zero-force active end effectors cradle wafers for transfer.
  • Single wafer robots and tilters move 300mm wafers in harmony with FOUP ports.
  • Batch processor utilizes advanced chemical recipes including ultra dilute single-lot blends and ozone-based solutions.
  • Full factory automation to SEMI-compliant end user host is standard.




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